Friday night

Why is it taking so long for my food ? here are some facts about Dukwo on a Friday night

– we have 2 wok stations to cook on

– we have 3 wok chefs, 2 cook and the head chef puts all the food together and organizes the orders

– we have 1 frying chef( mostly appetizers)

– we have 2 people packing the Chinese food

– we have 1 prep/ dishwasher restocking and cleaning the kitchen

– we have 3 sushi chefs

– we have 2 phone person, one of them coordinates the delivery drivers, another one is stay in front take care of take out customers.

– we have 6 drivers.

Last night from 4:30 – 6:30 we had 91 orders, either carry out on Ubereats app, on the phone or through the internet. That means every 1:30 minutes received 1 order for 2 hours, most orders contains sushi.

We are sorry! because we did turned off online ordering for 30 minutes and answered “not taking sushi orders for now” to customers, who wanted get sushi yesterday! We are HAPPY to serve our food and appreciate to understand! THANK YOU for your support us!😊💚🚗😅