Holiday Duck!

We are taking a Holiday special Peking duck order for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day now!

Holiday Duck Special! $28.00 Order a whole Peking Duck (not carved)today and save

– You can order over the phone or in person as well. How it works and what comes with it:

– One whole Peking Duck roasted, not carved. Duck will need to be reheated in oven a 350 for 30 minutes.

– One pack of 10 pancakes. Wrap in wet towels and microwave or steam to soften them up.

– Eight ounces of our plum sauce.

– One bag of sliced onions.

– You must order 24 hours in advance and prepaid.

Merry Christmas

Best of Duk Wo

Fried rice

Do you know “Fried rice” is the one of our customers most favorite dish? You can choose in fried rice a “gluten free” soy sauce when you ordering online now! We also made an option on our Chicken category “Steamed” “sauce on the side” or “no sauce”
Hope this changes make many of our customers happy and easy ordering online! Eat fresh, local and smart! Stay SAFE and Healthy!